Bona Wave 2K

Bona Wave 2K

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Two-component finish with genuine 2K durability and wear resistance.

Bona Wave 2K is a genuine 2K finish, perfect for heavy duty residential applications or moderate wear commercial projects, that comes with Bona’s renowned quality and name that you can trust.

Bona Wave 2K is perfect for floors that need a wear-resistant 2K finish, but don’t require the extreme heavy duty capabilities of Bona’s premium Traffic commercial range.

Bona Wave 2K offers long-lasting durability through improved chemical and wear-resistance, as well as an exceptionally low VOC content of less than 4% and rapid drying times.

  • Genuine 2 component durability
  • 100% polyurethane water-based
  • Great wear, scuff, scratch & chemical resistance

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