Sika AcouBond Mat 5mm Acoustic Slotted Mat 20m2 roll

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ACOUBOND SLOTTED MAT FOR USE IN ACOUSTIC DAMPENING UNDER TIMBER FLOORS. This is used with T53 adhesive (not included) gunned into the slots in the slotted mat.

Sika® AcouBond System is an interesting, cost effective and far higher performance alternative to floating installations, which uses some of this simplicity, combined with the advantages of full surface bonded solutions.

Sika® Acoubond System consists of a sound dampening and insulation mat with elongated perforations. This mat is spread on the floor and triangular beads of elastic wood floor adhesive are applied in the elongated perforations directly onto the prepared screed. Finally the engineered wood is placed in position over the mat and adhesive.

*please note when sending to an international address this product will have to be cut and folded to fit the size requirements for international freight. Any questions please contact us.

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