VCS Timber Floor Cleaner

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Pick up your 5 Star Timber Floor Cleaner

VCS timber floor cleaner which has been carefully formulated to be a very effective timber floor surface cleaner. This product has been widely used both domestically and commercially for the last 10 years and has proved to be a very effective cleaning solution. Its success relates to the fact that it does not leave any residue behind but at the same time it has a very good “wetting agent” in the product to ensure that the surface is cleaned properly. We strongly recommend the use of this cleaning fluid at a rate of 5% in water to provide a very effective clean.

This solution can be used in the spray mops that are provided by a number of timber flooring companies. Simply add a cap-full of the fluid into the water reservoir which can then be used to gently spray the surface and dry off immediately thus cleaning the floor without needing to do considerable mopping of the surface.


Love love love VCS timber floor cleaner

"I love this product. I have high gloss jarrah floorboards throughout my home and wouldn't trust my floors to anything else. Diluted as instructed the solution cleans normal dirt from the floors effortlessly. For shoe scuff marks and the like just use a little product full strength on a cloth and the mark disappears. I buy the 5 litre container and find it lasts many months. VCS timber floor cleaner leaves a long lasting shine without build up. I use the product in hot water with a well wrung out mop. The floors dry quickly leaving a lovely shine and a clean fragrance." - Maria

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