DAMTEC Multi 4mm Acoustic Rubber Mat 12m2 Roll

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DAMTEC® Multi, Standard and Color acoustic underlay products are manufactured and engineered in Germany using the highest grade of recycled rubber and cork materials.
Due to its uniquely formulated composition and acoustic properties, these products when typically installed under a Direct Stick timber application will acoustically enhance the flooring system’s overall impact sound performance.
The DAMTEC® Multi underlay is a cost effective, 100% black rubber compound underlay which has a superior density of approx. 970kg/m3 allowing for all types of timber flooring to be adhered on top of a more rigid substrate and hence reducing the risk of deflection and movement in the timber floor under point load duress and therefore also enhancing the overall structural stability of the floor system. When assessing an appropriate underlay that is “fit for purpose” this critical point is often overlooked.
All products are compliant to the new BCA regulations for Impact Noise compliance as well as being very quick and easy to install ensuring a reliable, timely and efficient installation.

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