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People, over time, have become highly discerning about their choices, especially when it comes to flooring. Gone are the days where synthetic plastic floors, akin to those found in the 70's, were the norm. People are averse to the unnatural, discoloured yellow ageing of these floors. Instead, they crave authenticity, the allure of a timber floor imbued with character.


Let's consider the qualities they covet - the knots, the grain, and the unmistakable gun veins. These traits lend a certain charm and realism to a timber floor that can never be replicated by synthetic equivalents. Recognising this shift in consumer preferences, the industry has diversified its offerings, introducing various flooring grades. Now, beyond the plain and uninspiring, there are many options to explore.


An industry favorite is the Character Grade Blackbutt, a floor characterised by an opulent texture and light tones. This strong and durable hardwood is one of Australia's most favoured. On the other hand, one cannot overlook the stately appeal of Character Marri. A Marri floor in character grade exhibits striking beauty and can easily become the centerpiece of any room.


Engineered Marri, too, with its classic character grade, is a viable option. These engineered floors are an excellent example of technology being harnessed to improve quality and add value. They imitate the appeal of natural hardwood while reaping the benefits of engineered solutions, such as increased durability, easier installation, and enhanced moisture resistance.


While there is an undeniable charm in the authenticity of real timber, high-quality laminate floors should not be dismissed. They are cost-effective, durable, and an excellent choice for bedrooms and offices. However, when it comes to the main living areas, nothing beats the look and feel of quality engineered timber floors that marry the beauty of real wood with the functionality of modern technology.


The quest for a real-looking timber floor has never been easier, thanks to the increase in options and quality engineered floors. They cater to the growing demand for authenticity, character, and durability, pulling the plug on the era of plasticky, cheap-looking floors. As discerning homeowners increasingly embrace them, quality engineered floors are becoming the standard of modern, stylish, and durable flooring.


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