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Who are we?

At Floorworks we are all about everything related to timber flooring. We have been working with timber flooring for over 30 years and during that time we have supplied and worked on projects involving many tens of thousands of square metres of timber flooring and associated products. We supply a complete range of flooring solutions so you can be sure that you will be on the right track when you use products in the Floorworks range.

We supply durable flooring solutions.

Our focus is on beautiful products that have a commercial quality to them. So for example you can have a product that looks very attractive and yet has quite low durability with a very low level domestic rating or you can have a similar product that is similarly attractive to use and work with but with an excellent lifespan associated with. When it is built to a commercial quality it will last considerably longer and perform considerably better. 

Oftentimes the commercial quality product is not differentiated that much in terms of price. Many lesser offerings are obvious due to the shortness of the boards and the size and thickness of the material used and sometimes even these lesser offerings are offered at amazingly high prices for what they are. A good quality engineered or solid timber floor may be very well priced and of course in use due to the way that the it will last and endure in the face of the sort of wear that it faces and the fact you don't have to replace it so often, the higher quality product will always work out as the most economical choice overall in cost per year terms.

Realism and Flooring.

That's face it the timber floor does take a certain amount of abuse in use. It has to take the normal wear and tear of life and in some cases that can be a considerable amount of traffic. We understand how this works and are happy to provide advice and products that can meet the demands that the timber floor should meet.

If it's a family home you can expect a high level of traffic and regardless if there are pets and the normal wear and tear in spillage and visitors et cetera a timber floor has to be able to survive all of that. It also needs to be something that is easy to maintain and generally it is better to have a maintenance program provided by a manufacturer so that there is something complete. At Floorworks we understand this and we are very much focused around systems. Systems that work and systems that perform to a very high standard.

Commercial quality doesn't always mean that it looks less than beautiful. Let's face it timber flooring is a beautiful choice. Timber flooring offers a unique warmth  style and character all of it's own and this is what makes timber flooring special.

Online Works for Flooring

We have chosen an online store recognizing that this is the future in terms of obtaining supplies. With not always easy or desirable to travel a great distance to obtain products yet we recognize the people want the assurance that when they purchase a product they are getting exactly what they need to get the result that they are looking for. You can be guaranteed that you will only receive very honest professional and experience-based advice when you deal with Floorworks. We are not selling from brochures but selling with experience behind the products that we sell. Using the blog here we are also wanting to bring to the community examples of case studies of situations faced and how they were overcome. Very often when a person is looking for a timber floor or trying to discover a solution they discover that someone else has been in the same situation and tried to solve the same problem of what to do and what will work.

Experience is Valuable

Probably the biggest single question that is faced by someone getting a timber floor is the question of how it will look when a large area is supplied given the fact that very often the samples as presented in the stores are very small. Again at Floorworks we are able to draw on our extensive experience supplying timber flooring on large projects that in turn can help you the consumer to get the right product for your project.

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